advertising fail

Before I retired one of our many refrigerator gems, I thought I would share it with y’all.

I got this flyer in the mail around Thanksgiving. It’s for a high-end lingerie shop.

worst ad ever

While you are enjoying all the CAPS being ABUSED for EMPHASIS and the artful incorporation of the ever-appealing verb “scratch,” I invite you to think of what comes to mind when you envision a live turkey. Here’s a close up to assist you in this free association exercise:

Yes, yes. High-end lingerie was the first thing that came to my mind, too.

(For those gluttons for punishment among you, here’s a link to the inside of the flyer. The allusions to “turkey breasts” are, ah, awesome.)


4 responses to “advertising fail

  1. Haha! Nut sack plume is absolute fantastic!

  2. Stooping to my level eh?


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