eating on-the-go

Today on the Metro, I watched as an otherwise respectable looking lady scraped the inside of her nose with her fingernail, examined the green gook the job left on said fingernail, and proceeded to put it in her mouth.

Not surreptitiously, mind you, but slowly and deliberately, with a bit of bravado. The way one might eat a piece of savory chocolate or a slice of finely aged prosciutto.

And then she did it two more times.  Cause it was so tasty.


4 responses to “eating on-the-go

  1. Oh. My. God.

    Metro Lady Picking Her Nose & Eating It, grossest thing I’ve heard today, FTW!

    What the hell is wrong with people? FAIL.

  2. You know, your gifted and impeccable description of the event may actually be grosser than having witnessed said event myself.

    Icky, Icky. That is truly foul.

  3. Glad to have given y’all your daily gross-out.

    The sad thing is, that really is how it happened … which I know, cause I got to watch it three times. (I should have looked away. But I just couldn’t.)

    Maybe “booger” will replace “bacon” as the go-to ingredient on Top Chef tonight…

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