What’s on my mind

Last night, I dreamed that the professor of the “Queer Theory in Shakespeare” class I am trying to get into this semester was a contestant on last season’s Top Chef. (She only made it to round 4.)

Interpretations welcome.


7 responses to “What’s on my mind

  1. Likely, you are suffering from a serious case of Top Chef withdrawal. Never fear, Top Chef is back tonight.

  2. I thought you were busy hacking up pieces of lung? My days are blending together.

  3. I think the dreaming occurred between hacks.

  4. And, yes, it was nice to have Top Chef back. I was very relieved Carla didn’t go home. She is kinda wacky and I love her. Last night I dubbed her the “Sweet Pea of Top Chef.”

  5. I don’t know…I mean, if she only made it to round 4, I think you should sleep until you figure out who wins, then take their class.

    • Nice one.
      If only all my dreams could be so instructive…

      You think there’s some way I can communicate with my subconscious self and let it know what conundrums I’d like solved while I am sleeping? That would be hot.

  6. Yes, yes. I adore her. Will and were just sayin’ how much we would hate to see her go. “Hootie!” Got to get some more of that.

    I was indifferent to Melissa and Eugene’s cooking style frightened me. Although, lumpia is amazing. When I lived in Luzon, my nanny, Ami, taught me how to make them from scratch, wrapper and all. Banana lumpia is the best but anything will do. So he gets stars for that.

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