Quien es Katy Perry?

This was a surprisingly burning question for me this afternoon.

I first became aware of Ms. Perry’s existence when, scrolling through a worst dressed of 2008 list, I saw a picture of her wearing a Wonder-Woman-meets-40s-pin-up underwear ensemble on the red carpet. My goodness, I thought. Then I posted her picture on my blog with some comment about underoos. (See “Train Wrecks of 2008”.) And thought little else about it.

But that crazy bitch has been showing up everywhere these past couple weeks! (Or, now that I know who she is, I have finally started to notice.) So today, in the usual 3 pm effort to avoid work, I did some research.

And I learned many things.

First, I learned that Katy Perry is famous for one decent song and many other bad ones, one of which probably inspired this rather forceful PSA featuring Hilary Duff. But she is most famous for a song about kissing a girl and liking it, which I thought was done, like, 15 years ago by someone who, like, actually kisses girls.

Second, I learned that Katy Perry wears underwear as outerwear to all sorts of events that don’t involved the red carpet. Like mini-golf and fake weddings. It’s kind of her deal. Like Diane Keaton and menswear. Or Jackie O. and pillbox hats. Katy Perry and no pants.

fashion icons!

Third, she plays with her hair.

Fourth, a lot of people mistake her for Zooey Deschanel. I don’t see it… Wait. Maybe I do.

That last one almost felt like the point where the internet both begins and ends. It’s all too much, really.


6 responses to “Quien es Katy Perry?

  1. Where’s the issue? No pants = Mini golf sales skyrocket.

  2. The whole girls-kissing-girls-to-attract-boys has always been icky to me. Such attention-whoring is ridiculous and seems somehow insulting to actual lesbians. Katy Perry seems like she’d also be into the whole Girls Gone Wild thing. “Look at me, I’m a crazy, sexy girl! Love me! Love me, please!”

    • Yeah, I know what you mean about it being insulting to gays and lesbians. It kind of makes it look like their lifestyle is nothing more than a ploy one utilizes in order to have power over the opposite sex. Which I reckon doesn’t really help their cause.

      Did I mention she mini-golfs in a Wonder Woman outfit?
      Just making sure.

  3. Katie Couric is set to interview her. One question she poses is, “So, you’ve kissed many a girl? Did you like it?”

    File this one under “who’s the bigger idiot?”

  4. it’s some pre-grammy schlockfest.
    Don’t worry. I am gather my minions to dislike/hate her as much as you do.

    Ms. Perry is going down.

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