“Pets Everlasting”

A couple of days ago, I read this article in the New York Times about these folks who are cloning pet owners’ beloved pets–for a steep, steep price, of course.

So, if you really love Toonces, or Rusty, or Tucker, you don’t really have to say goodbye when he dies! Live on in your heart? How about on your sofa bed instead!

There are, I don’t know… maybe five billion issues with this, but these are the three that are foremost in my mind.

1. With so, so many animals being killed in pounds each year because they can’t be placed, it seems a little fucked up to allow people to freaking reincarnate their dead animals instead of giving a home to one of these poor guys awaiting the chopping block.

2. I think the grief process is a sucky but important part of being human, and I don’t like the way this messes with it.

3. How long till we try this with people? This is provided someone’s not done it already, which they probably have. Can we even begin to imagine the implications?

(And… one last  thing… how weird is it that this is in the “Home and Gardens” section? I mean, seriously.)


6 responses to ““Pets Everlasting”

  1. Fools and their money are easily separated aren’t they?

    Everyone who does this will ultimately be disappointed. Even with dogs, I’d wager that the proportion of behaviour that is learned (vs hereditary) is high. Therefore, getting a clone dog that behaves similarly to the original is likely impossible.

    And I’m sure that finding a dog that looks like your old dog is pretty easy. In fact, there are probably a few Korean lab technicians who spend most of their time on that. I’ll bet its a lot easier for them than actually cloning dogs.

  2. And can you imagine the expectations on that poor cloned dog? The shoes she’s got to fill?

    I predict a lot of cloned dogs in doggie therapy five years from now.

  3. No way the animal will have the same personality. And the people crazy enough to pay for this will be crazy enough to get angry with the animal for not having the same personality.

    I agree with you, go to the pound and adopt a homeless pet (you know, one of the ones who got abandoned when their owners bought a new couch or wanted to go on vacation). Ugh.


  5. We’ll have to see if MissyToo or Mira start ripping cats apart in the yard…

  6. i agree with you. what a waste.
    besides, clones are the same as identical twins. and as we know, identical twins might look the same, but environment, nurture, and certain post-transcriptional modifications can result in very different individuals!


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