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Google Image of the Day

Here’s an “unfortunate pairing” for ya:

"unfortunate pairing"


snow wimps!

During a day of partisan garbage on Capitol Hill, the President gave us at least one thing we could all agree on:

(Note the search categories on the first link. Ahem.)

“stubble and lesions to be added via Photoshop”

I think we need to call this guy.

‘Cause pictures are, like, forever.

drunk history

Since I like the George Washington rap so much, my friend Jack recommended I check out Drunk History, a series of web videos in which very drunk people attempt to describe events in American history.

The one about Oney Judge, George Washington’s runaway slave, is my favorite. Count the drunken hiccups!:

just class!

While my bus to NY was hanging out at a rest stop in PA, I saw another coach in the parking lot. Scrolled across the back of the bus in some budget cursive script font was the phrase “Just Class.” And under this, “Dundalk, Maryland.”

Apart from the wrongness of any mass transit road vehicle having the balls to call itself classy, there is the fact that this bus is from Dundalk, home of the Fourth of July Heritage Fair, where children up to age ten are allowed in the beer garden so that their parents don’t have to miss out on the chance to get trashed on Miller Lite tapped directly off enormous trucks.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

google image of the day

When you google image “retarded puppy,” this is what you get.
Just FYI.

retarded puppy

are you in your right mind?

Check out the dancer-person and see what direction she is spinning in.


Find out what it means here

And get your grain of salt here.