talking experience

In light of Rudy G’s recent assertions that Obama is the least experienced presidential nominee in the past century, I wanted to share a Huffington Post article from last month that compared Obama’s political experience leading up to his presidential nomination with that of our other presidents from the past 100 years…

The results?

Obama ends up smack in the middle of past century’s 17 presidents on the political-experience-o-meter, taking into account work as an elected official on the state level or higher. (He tied with Harding.) Some of the folks that fall behind him on the scale:

Ronald Reagan

Jimmy Carter

Harry Truman

Woodrow Wilson

Dwight Eisenhower

Herbert Hoover

William Taft

…and, of course, Georgie W.B.!

(a sidenote: none of the above had quite as sparse a resume as Sarah Palin. Just sayin’.)


2 responses to “talking experience

  1. Eeee! You old!!! Happy spawning day to you!!!

  2. You are awesome. Just sayin’…

    P.S. I will get back to you, in general and about Frye.

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