babies and bathwater

So, by now, y’all have heard that VP nominee Sarah Palin’s 17-year-old daughter is pregnant.

While I respect the classiness and tact of Senator Obama’s strident assertions that this bit of news has no place in the campaign, I also have to say that I disagree for this reason: Palin’s press statement frames her daughter’s decision to keep her child and marry the father as just that–her decision.

Meanwhile, Palin herself is anti-choice in all situations (including rape and incest, the two areas that generally give all but the most rabid anti-abortionists some pause) while actively promoting abstinence-only education.

You aren’t allowed to extol the virtues of a “choice” that would no longer exist were you to run the show.


4 responses to “babies and bathwater

  1. If Obama loses the election and then 72 year old McCain kicks the bucket, suddenly a 44 year old rabidly pro-life woman will be our president.

    That ticket can’t win…can it?

  2. It seems unlikely, but, then, it wouldn’t be the first time our national elections have, ah, surprised me.

  3. I’ll be polite here. Promise. I will restrain my base feelings of loathing for this woman. I’m actually not quite sure what it is about her that I dislike so much. The hypocrisy of her anti-choice rhetoric is a big one. For her daughter it’s alright but she’ll mandate it for mine. Ratfarts I say. More of the same from the George Bushist camp who are sure of what’s right as long as you’re doing the heavy lifting (ie: Iraq). Mostly it’s the obvious belief in the absolute right and truth of her opinions. There’s a fine line between confidence and hubris and she has crossed it for me on her introduction.

  4. I personally love teen pregnancy.
    It varies the age pool.
    If it was possible, I would have gotten pregnant in high school. Would have made things easier. I wouldn’t have had to participate in gym class.
    I started out with a serious point in my head but it is gone and now I’m just rambling crazy-like.
    I think I pulled a Palin.

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