my Paris pictures

…are finally up.


5 responses to “my Paris pictures

  1. Incroyable! C’était tres magnifique, non? J’adore Paris. La Dame de Notre est tout à fait gothique et romantique. Le chien est agréable aussi! Tes images s’intéressent vraiment, je ne peux pas attendre d’étudier à paris l’année prochaine!

  2. Que lastima!
    No hablo frances. Otra vez en inglez, por favor.

  3. So sorry, I was inspired! Okay, the pics…incredible. The Notre Dame is so deliciously gothic. Strangely, those flying buttresses do it for me. When I get there next year I may pass out from francophone overload. Yup. Hooray pour Paris!

  4. Oh and did you know seal in french is phoque. That always reduces a class of 28 relatively mature students into a mass of giggling 5 year olds. Just some childish humour…

  5. That’s funny–
    “flying buttress” is one of maybe three terms I remember from my sophomore year medieval art and architecture class. It always conjured for me the image of those flying monkeys in The Wizard of Oz….

    I’m not really sure why. But… yeah.

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