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(Personal) Indecision 2008

Five short little years ago, I was able to make decisions. Wanna run a marathon? Sure! Wanna switch careers? Sure! Wanna take up a new hobby? Sure! Wanna move to a small dumb island, or a big dumb city? Sure! If I blindfoldedly threw a dart on a map, I probably would have packed my shit up and moved wherever it landed.

But these days, even the littler decisions are sorta wrought with implications, invented or otherwise. I can’t decide if I should run another marathon. I can’t decide if I should sign up for sewing classes, or learn a foreign language. And so I definitely can’t decide what I want to be when I grow up.

Never mind that, by anyone’s calculations except mine, I am grown up.

What the heck?


Hot Tranny Mess

Ok. So maybe this season of Project Runway is a little on the lackluster side.

But at least this week’s episode gave birth to a creation that Tim Gunn likened to “a pterodactyl out of a gay Jurassic Park”:


“I can smell that second picture through the screen…”

So, the boyfriend has started a new blog.

So far, it chronicles his battles with bug bites and pussy wounds via words and high resolution photographs.

A fashion statement

I guess the folks at CNN were hoping they could make fun of themselves before anyone else did.


Apparently (and surprisingly!), they don’t read my blog.

my Paris pictures

…are finally up.

Defending Rachel Dawes

In his review of The Dark Knight, Washington Post writer (and Pulitzer Prize winner) Stephen Hunter has this to say about Maggie Gyllenhaal’s performance:

Gyllenhaal is perhaps too ironic for the Batman world. With those perpetually knowing eyes, she doesn’t really fit. She has too many dimensions, is too real-worldy — her Rachel Dawes seems like the kind of girl who got straight A’s but also had the lead in the musical, went to Radcliffe and ended up in New York, doing something “interesting.” Holmes, much more limited and perhaps a bit more beautiful, was better cast.

Now, call me a feminist crazy, but I want to know where the rule is that says the female love interest to the superhero has to be one-dimensional and “limited.” Particularly when the superhero in question is the Nolan/Bale Batman, a dude who is nothing if not complex. If he doesn’t have “too many dimensions” to exist in Gotham City, why is it that Gyllenhaal’s Rachel does?

(And the quotes around “interesting” belie just a wee bit of passive aggression.)