blame Monica!

Slate writer William Saletin is shocked–shocked!–by all these people having oral sex:

Every day, thousands of parents sit down with their children to talk about the facts of life. They want their kids to know how babies are made, how serious sex is, and how they can protect themselves. For most of us, the topic is awkward enough without getting into advanced stuff. That’s why the coverage of President Clinton’s blow jobs felt like such a cultural assault. We just want to stick to the basics.

Boy, Ms. Saletan sure is a lucky lady.


One response to “blame Monica!

  1. yay! you’re back!
    i constantly blame that filthy, cigar-hiding floozy for the global rise of BJ’s, as well as all other wrongs in my life.
    now there needs to be a study on the effects of sensible, navy dresses and premature ejaculation.

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