(over)protective gear

Preying on nervous yuppie parents since 2001:


3 responses to “(over)protective gear

  1. at the very least, those ears are quite the rage amongst the toddler set.

  2. I could use one of those. I’m a little accident prone.

  3. Hehe, I should get one for Chris.

    Just think of the fun these kids’ friends will have in the future, teasing them and posting pictures of them in these helmets on the internet.

    Also, just to be nitpicky, it says, “Learning to walk in a world of hard surfaces can turn a special moment into a heart rendering incident in a flash.” I’m pretty sure they mean heart-rending, not rendering. Though it is interesting to note that the Word Press spell check is trying to tell me that ‘rending’ is spelled wrong, or not a word at all, neither of which is true.

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