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The City of Satan

…and let McCain’s pandering to right-wing conservatives begin!


The swooning sex, pt. 2

Thankfully, Caitlin Gibson and Rachel Manteuffel managed to say everything I wanted to in response to Charlotte Allen’s offensive, asinine, and decidedly unfunny op-ed whilst saving me the hassle of trying to articulate it. Thank you, ladies!

(Though, after reading Allen’s flippant, oft-contradictory remarks on the Washington Post’s open forum yesterday, I almost felt bad for her. The woman is all sorts of conflicted.)


On a lighter note…

The swooning sex

File this op-ed in the “I don’t even know where to begin” folder.

There are so many layers of fucked-upp-itude going on here that I can’t even bring myself to write articulately about it. Perhaps this is an unfortunate result of my reduced female brain capacity.