f*%!ing CNN, pt. 2

And now, a non-news story designed to scare kids and their parents away from a potentially life-saving vaccine.

Journalists should have to take something akin to the Hippocratic Oath that promises they will write to help humanity, not harm it.



6 responses to “f*%!ing CNN, pt. 2

  1. It is articles like this that make me so angry. My 14 year old had the entire series of these life-saving and I asked for confirmation. It is like getting any other injection.
    I was told at 20 years old that I had Cervical Cancer. Nice news huh? If this vaccine was available 25 years ago…..I would have gotten it. AND I plan on having my 9 year old vaccinated soon. I hate it when the media gets involved in something they probably have no clue about!!! I thank Godeveryday that I had good doctors and was still able to have my children and I have a mission. To make sure all girls have this vaccine. It is very important and should be required.

  2. Yes, let’s give everyone a reason not to get this very important immunization by publishing ridiculous data. Both my daughters completed the series with minimal complaints. Can we focus on something more important!!!!!

  3. As Austin Powers would say?! Are you fucking kidding me?!

  4. Of course, Aimee. Cancer is funny!

  5. You know what hurts more than getting a shot? Cancer.

  6. I work in the medical industry (sort of) and I’ve never heard of this cancer. Is this like one of those designer diseases the kids are getting these days? Is cervical cancer the sexually transmitted kind?

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