vintage* email exchanges, pt.1

ca. November, 2004

Me: I heard this great little story on NPR this morning about some high school in Texas that has always had some stupid ‘cross dressing day’, until this year when the religious crazies got all up in their shit and said they were purporting the “homosexual agenda”. So they changed it… to ‘camo day’… and now the kids dress up as… soldiers…

Ty: I had to tell the recruiter that was after me in High School that I was gay. Otherwise he would have kept calling and asking me to go out to lunch.

*old works here, too, but vintage is just so… um… (cough).


One response to “vintage* email exchanges, pt.1

  1. Sgt. Bullock was persistent bastard. He used to call my house all the time. I think he convinced my parents I should join the military… Looking back, he was probably right. I could have been the first kid on my block with a confirmed kill!

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