I got a physical last week for the first time in five years or so, and, according to the handy little BMI chart they had up on the wall, I have eeked into the “overweight” column.

This doesn’t worry me because I have high blood pressure (I don’t), or high cholesterol (I don’t), or a sedentary lifestyle (I don’t). It worries me because, even though I know better, this bothered me a little. This glorified height-weight chart that doesn’t take muscle mass or body type into consideration actually bothered me. And this worries me because I can’t imagine the types of ridiculous shit it puts in the heads of girls who don’t know that the lines it draws aren’t as cut and dry as they might seem, or whose doctors see the categories they mark as absolute.


3 responses to “fatty

  1. First, you are so tiny! Second, that BMI thing is evil. Third, just look at my latest blog post to feel immediately better about your pretty self.

  2. Evil, indeed.
    I may be small, but I’m, ah, sturdy. Which the BMI doesn’t like. In fact, the weight differential between the low end of “healthy” and “anorexic” is 5 pounds.

    By the way, I always thought Barack was a very pretty man.

  3. A Hairy Monstah

    Heh, BMI. At 5’8 and 190 lbs. I am in the grossly overweight category according to that chart. What do you think Jess? Do I qualify as a fatty? BOLLOCKS! My bones weigh more is all, I’m sure.

    Da Monstah

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