train wreck series, vol. 3

Don’t feel bad, Kellie Pickler.
I had no idea you were an American Idol alum, a bit of information that I’m sure most 5th graders also know.


3 responses to “train wreck series, vol. 3

  1. I love her desperate attempts to act like the answer is right on the tip of her tongue as she desperately names any foreign place she can think of. My fave has to be, “I could have swore Europe was a country!”

  2. If I cared about who she was I’d say tsk, tsk.
    But today my tsk, tsk is relegated to the American obsession with celebrity and vapid entertainment and our clear lack of concern for good education.
    That show makes me kind of sad. I have been guilty of watching it because my life isn’t so exciting.
    Tsk, tsk.

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