good old, bad old

I am biased, of course, but here it is anyway.

There’s good old, and there’s bad old in baseball.

Curt Schilling is good old…

Roger Clemens is bad old. It’s only two innings in to the Yankees elimination game against the Indians, and I am already confident saying I’ve no idea what Torre was thinking.


4 responses to “good old, bad old

  1. I am confident the Indians will bitch slap the Yankees tonight or when they get back to Cleveland. Then they can go on to turn Curt Schilling into the bad old as well, as they give the Red Sox a figurative baseball “butt raping.”

  2. OH SNAP!
    Remember Buckner

    GO TRIBE!!!

  3. Dearest Ethan, you do not have to ever remind a Red Sox fan about Buckner. Though the one I think about more is poor Timmy Wakefield in game 7 of the pennant series in ’03. I was old enough to care about that one.

  4. We’ve still won 26 World Series. So there, you little punk.

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