Monthly Archives: October 2007

having a famous boyfriend is tough

The little nerd children that ask for his autograph are cute enough…

but fan fiction?


Holy Canole

Welcome to the world, Liam Patrick.

The writing on the wall

Or, as Ali says, “Poor, poor Mrs. Craig.”

Super Tubers!

good old, bad old

I am biased, of course, but here it is anyway.

There’s good old, and there’s bad old in baseball.

Curt Schilling is good old…

Roger Clemens is bad old. It’s only two innings in to the Yankees elimination game against the Indians, and I am already confident saying I’ve no idea what Torre was thinking.

Best Word Book Ever

Richard Scarry’s The Best Word Book Ever has apparently undergone some changes in the past 40 years. Some make sense… some don’t.