everyone’s a critic

So I was recently listening to a Ryan Adams album at work using RealPlayer. When the program recognizes an album, it flashes snippets of information about the artist in the top right corner. These usually range from neutral to moderately quirky. (i.e., Jenny Lewis used to be a child star! Mirah sometimes sells her parents’ home made maple syrup at her shows!)


Here’s what Mr. RealPlayer had to say about Adams:

[The] solo debut for Whiskeytown’s ex-singer showed originality and promise. His second LP sounds closer to John Mellencamp.

and, even better:

Like the Brian Jonestown Massacre, Adams is infamous for his onstage tantrums. Unlinke BJM, he plays Adult Alternative twang.

I think my RealPlayer is making fun of my music.


3 responses to “everyone’s a critic

  1. What’s wrong with John Mellencamp?

  2. There is nothing wrong with John COUGAR Mellencamp, but John Mellencamp sucks. I don’t even know who Ryan Adams is. But add a ‘B” and you get Bryan and Bryan Adams fucking owns. ‘Cuts Like a Knife’ is like one of the hottest songs ever. He did Canada proud.

  3. The first time I heard Ryan Adams referred to was when he first performed on Saturday night live…I got rather excited at first because I did think they said Bryan Adams instead, although I did think that highly improbable. I’ve had something against Ryan Adams ever since.

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