Gimme (more) liquor!

The most recent installment in my “public train wreck” series…

People seem affixed on her “fatness” here, which I kinda don’t see. Maybe it’s cause I’m too distracted by her apparent drunkenness. Please put the poor girl back in rehab.


3 responses to “Gimme (more) liquor!

  1. She makes $737,000 a month. A MONTH! And she’s been in showbiz since she was 6 and famous since she was 16. She will never be normal. If she’s lucky she’ll turn out like Liza Minelli and not Michael Jackson, both freaks churned out by the showbiz machine.

  2. Oh, wow. That is bad.

    Seriously though, there looks like a bit of the old thorazine shuffle going on there …

  3. I know it is…

    What do you call out of sync lip syncing?

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