Because “when it comes to personal hygiene, paper products just tend to distribute the problem.”



3 responses to “washlets!

  1. I kept seeing a promo for this on the Salon site, and I thought it was for a self-washing toilet. As in a toilet that washes itself after each use, like they have in Switzerland public bathrooms. Thank you for ruining this illusion. Every time I go to Salon now I’m going to see that damn wand “that goes only where it needs to go…and no place else.”

  2. Oh, dear…
    Does that mean we are the Washlet’s target demographic?

  3. “You just sit down, do what you came to do…”

    This ad was fought by the Times Square Church because they didn’t want asses lining the facade of their church. They settled on asses with a big white bar across the cracks.

    My favorite feature is The Wonder Wand!

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