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define “defamation”

Two recent American University alumni have decided to sue the university for “defamation of character” because one of its alumni publications mistakenly printed that they were gay.

Now, I in no way support the fact that the university may have allowed this error to go to print. But I do have to ask the question of when the hell we as a society are going to stop looking at homosexuality as scornful. If the magazine had erroneously printed that these two men were married to women, would they be suing anyone? How on earth are we ever supposed to get beyond this sort of garbage if people continue to act in ways that accept the reactions of the ignorant?

What the hell?


everyone’s a critic

So I was recently listening to a Ryan Adams album at work using RealPlayer. When the program recognizes an album, it flashes snippets of information about the artist in the top right corner. These usually range from neutral to moderately quirky. (i.e., Jenny Lewis used to be a child star! Mirah sometimes sells her parents’ home made maple syrup at her shows!)


Here’s what Mr. RealPlayer had to say about Adams:

[The] solo debut for Whiskeytown’s ex-singer showed originality and promise. His second LP sounds closer to John Mellencamp.

and, even better:

Like the Brian Jonestown Massacre, Adams is infamous for his onstage tantrums. Unlinke BJM, he plays Adult Alternative twang.

I think my RealPlayer is making fun of my music.

Gimme (more) liquor!

The most recent installment in my “public train wreck” series…

People seem affixed on her “fatness” here, which I kinda don’t see. Maybe it’s cause I’m too distracted by her apparent drunkenness. Please put the poor girl back in rehab.

Jonathan Franzen

I think he’s one of the most misunderstood contemporary authors.

Several years back, I went to a reading he did downtown. He shared parts of what would eventually be The Discomfort Zone, and I remember being so taken by his manner–something of an intellectual realist, alarmingly self-conscious and critical of the sorts of things people should be but too frequently aren’t, both visibly nervous and in some way brave.

This recent interview doesn’t quite illuminate these things, but it offers glimmers of them every so often. (The “Avril Sévigné” thing is priceless, and, I think, a little bit heartbreaking.)


Am I a bad person if I don’t think incompetent people have a right to live?

Just wondering.

Did I just write that? How horrible of me. Let me make it up to you with a happy funshine bear!


Because “when it comes to personal hygiene, paper products just tend to distribute the problem.”