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broccoli brouhaha

I hope they base a scenario on this in the next season of The Wire.


brokeback bathroom

I will admit that I’m enjoying the Senator Larry Craig drama a little more than I should. I feel badly for his wife, regardless of whether she’s been deluded or an accessory to her husband’s delusions, but not badly enough not to chuckle at the sinisterly snide headlines (“Brokeback Bathroom,” “,” and the more direct, “Larry Craig: Still Not Gay” are among my favorites) or feel a little satisfied that another homophobic hypocrite has revealed himself. (Pun unintended but too awful not to leave there.)

But the best part is, even in the midst of this mess, Craig seems to think that the crime he’s being charged with is homosexuality, not lewd conduct in a public place.

From the Washington Post:
“Let me be clear: I am not gay. I never have been gay,” Craig said. Evidently, Craig did not think this was clear enough, because moments later, he explained why he kept the arrest a secret. “I wasn’t eager to share this failure, but I should have anyway — because I am not gay!”

To which one audience member shouted, “What if you were gay?”

A fair question, and one that millions of people have been brave enough to ask themselves. But, when you’ve built your career on intolerance of homosexuality, I guess that’s an impossible proposition to entertain, even while propositioning other men in an airport bathroom.

Oh, my sweet (South) Carolina

There’s this clip from the Miss Teen USA pageant has been circulating like crazy the past couple days.

Go ahead and watch it below if you missed it… Or if you just can’t resist a good train wreck.

Even better… She came in third.

Nietzsche Family Circus

Patty referred me to this site before he left for Buffalo last week.

I think this is the best one I’ve gotten so far:


So there’s this very contentious mural in Philly right now. It’s not controversial in any of the fun ways that art tends to be controversial– just some boring business about permits and historical district lines.

So I was kind of confused when I got to this passage:

Michael Sher has said he commissioned Chhin, a Cambodian emigre, a transsexual and an aspiring artist, to paint the mural in 2001 in part to dissuade graffitists from tagging the building’s north wall on narrow Waverly Street.

I’m confused because I have no idea what the artist’s country of origin or sexuality have to do with the story, which is about the aforementioned boring things like permits and district lines, not sensational things like far eastern emigres (!) and sexual deviance (!)

I guess it’s just better journalism this way.