facebook, shmacebook

I knew pretty much nothing about the history of facebook until we started a forum on it in my Technology in Education class this past week.

Whoa, nelly.

Am I the only one who’s a little bit disturbed by the implications of a “college-only” social/career networking site? There’s got to be a better way to make sure that you’re keeping “spammers and pornographers” away without wiping out anyone sans a college degree and an active university email account. (And, on the flip side of that coin, are all college students and recent graduates upstanding individuals? Seriously.)

But the part that makes this more unsettling for me is the sense I get that this is just as much a career networking tool as a social networking one, even if partly by implication. Does something like facebook (pre-9/06 anyway) become just another networking tool that people without a degree get shut out of?


One response to “facebook, shmacebook

  1. I have facebook account simply because they wouldn’t let me have one before. In your face establishment!

    What I really wanted to ask was this: Is your blog named after Lloyd?

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