Ty and I made pasta from scratch last week.

It was a lot like playing with my old Play-Doh Fun Factory, except I didn’t get yelled at for eating the dough.

(Play-Doh was delicious.)

This is our pile of reference books, none of which seemed to agree with each other…

These were our reference books…

… and this pile o’pasta is the fruit of our labors.
…and this pile o’pasta was the fruit of our labors.


3 responses to “Pastafari

  1. So what did it taste like? And was it worth the effort compared with the regular dried stuff?

  2. I hear you also love broccoli rabe…

  3. Play-doh was rather yummy, I recall. Sort of salty, wasn’t it?

    In any case, do you think making the pasta from scratch was worth it? My husband is Italian, and I know his grandmother and others used to make everything from scratch, but we’ve never tried it ourselves.

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